Bakers’ & Pastrycooks' Jams / Fillings Click here for details
These economical quality products are bake stable and are ideal for general purpose use in all bakery products including tarts, donuts, swiss rolls and danish pastries.
Raspberry Fruit Mince Caramel

Plum Rasberry (Rasplum)

Apricot Premium Caramel


Premium Fruit Fillings Click here for details
This range of premium fillings are made from the highest quality ingredients and contain high fruit content. They are fully stabilized and bake stable.

Apple Turnover

Fresh Apple Pastrycooks









Apple Pie Fillings Click here for details

Apple Turnover Filling
A ready to use pre-mixed apple filling. Pre-cooked and shelf stable.

Fresh Apple Pastrycooks Filling
A ready to use pre-mixed apple filling. fresh and chilled.

Fresh Diced Apple - chilled

Cake Toppings / Decorations Click here for details
Highly polished confectionery sprinkles, and various chocolate products for general decoration purposes. Natural colours available.

Sprinkles (Rainbow, Choc and Individual Colours)

Non Pareils (100s & 1000s)

Choc Flake (Dark, White and various colours)

Chocolate Chips (Dark, white and milk)

Chocolate Flakettes (Dark, white and milk)

Ice cream and Bakery Inclusions Click here for details
This range of products is specifically designed for general use as inclusions in ice cream and bakery products.

Choc Coated Rice Pops

Muffin Choc Drops (Dark)

Choc Flake White

Choc Coated Almonds

Choc Muffin Drops (White)

Fudge Pieces

Choc Coated Peanuts

Choc Chips (Semi Dark Small Pieces)


Choc Droplets (Dark)

Choc Flake (Dark)



Chocolate Products Click here for details
This range of compound and couverture chocolate products have been specifically designed for the Bakers’ and Pastrycooks’ industry and require no tempering.

Aztec (Dark Buttons)

Compound Shaving Block (Dark)

FFI Milk Block

Droplets (Small Dark Drops)

Premium Shaving Block (Semi Dark)

FFI White Buttons

Muffin Drops (Dark)

FFI Milk Buttons

CPA White Buttons

Muffin Drops (Dark)

FFI White Block

Yoghurt Buttons

Muffin Drops (White)

Danish (Semi Dark Pieces)

NAS Carob Buttons

CPA (Dark Buttons)

CPA Milk Buttons

NAS Soy Carob Buttons

Premium (Semi Dark Pieces)



Specialty Chocolate Products Click here for details

Choc Flake (Dark)

Choc Flake (White)

Choc Batons (Dark)

Choc Flakettes







Confectionery Click here for details
Bulk confectionery for the supermarket self service or for repackaging. Available in milk, dark, carob or yoghurt.

Choc coated Almonds

Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Yoghurt Apricots

Choc coated Peanuts

TV Mix

Yoghurt Peanuts

Chocolate coated Sultanas

Yoghurt Almonds

Yoghurt Sultanas










Retail Lines - ‘Private Labels’ Click here for details
Private label packaging of cooking chocolate (dark, milk and white) in a variety of sizes. Contact the Company for your special requirements.



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